Up to 520 km
WLTP range
26 min
Fast charging up to 80%
New MSP Architecture
MG Pilot
Driver assistance
EU 7 Years Warranty 3x Green NCAP star rating logo 2024 5 stars pos white EURO NCAP 2022

An agile electric hatchback packed with incredible driving features and smart technology.

Energetic Agile Design

Playful and functional, compact yet spacious, the MG4 Electric is the forward-thinking solution. It's a car that allows everyone to step into the world of pure electric mobility. Its energetic, agile design features express the vitality and free spirit of this almost 100-years-young brand to the world.

Exterior Design

The MG4's distinctive EV design stands out from the crowd. It demonstrates a new understanding of sporty design in the EV hatchback shape. The result, a model filled with “Intelligent vitality”.


Sharp and distinctive LED headlights combined with unforgettable turning indicators to create a sporty, yet vivid overall impression.


The futuristic rear design is unforgettable. Layer designed high mount brake lights, dual-wing spoiler, LED tail light set, and a carbon fibre effect lower-bumper all combine to create this uniquely artistic expression.


The roofline floats back beautifully, elongating the whole line of the car. Meanwhile the rear spoiler sits directly within airflow to deliver maximum aerodynamics, energy, and agility on the road.

Lighting System

Sharp, triangle-shaped highlights combine a futuristic minimalist style with innovative technology.


Hi-Tech Headlight

Daytime Lighting, with 28 LEDs clearly defines the car's design. Meanwhile three sets of near and far beams on each side, (each with their own distinct layers) provide a brighter lighting effect by night. This, combined with 36 LED vertical turning indicators, makes the lighting experience utterly impressive.


Powerful Rear Light Set

Cygnus cross-shaped decoration lights, together with horizontal penetrating tail light (comprised of 172 LEDs) creates this unique, yet premium design look and feel.

Interior Style

Less is more. This simple, user-friendly interior layout creates an atmosphere driven by pure technology.


An instrument panel designed to be light, thin, and remove complex decoration and maximise on space. High quality materials with refined installation techniques further underline the MG4 pursuit towards simplicity, technology, and quality.


A floating centre console design frees up space, while integrating further functionality in a simple, yet effective manner.


Adjustable six-ways, with intuitive minimalised function key design.



Driving Excellence

This new pure electric MSP (Modular Scalable Platform) architecture delivers nothing but exellence. Stronger, smarter, better by design.
Driving pleasure is no longer exclusive to premium models. Driving the MG4 Electric takes you on the road to perfection.

Excellence in Performance

Rear-wheel drive and a powerful motor, providing the umph you need for any driving situation.


The MG4 Electric has an RWD-focused design that delivers perfect weight distribution and striking proportions. It's an agile yet nimble driving experience (a dynamic appearance, even when standing still). With a foundation for high-performance handling, this RWD system enables ideal front-to-rear weight distribution. Carving corners is a breeze, thanks to added traction for everyday conditions.


With a combined 180 kW and 350 Nm of pure torque, MG4 Electric accelerates from 0-100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds.


MG4's Kinetic Energy Recycling System (KERS) contains three levels: light, moderate, and heavy. Lift your foot off the accelerator pedal and your car will slow down, recapturing and returning energy to the battery pack. This maximises efficiency and control, ultimately making the car easier to drive.

Driving Pleasure

Precision steering for the even the narrowest of roads.


The chassis offers an extraordinary degree of steering precision, agility and suspension comfort. This is ensured by the front suspension with swingarm front axle, a carefully designed five-link rear axle, plus precise coordination from all components.


A subframe formed from aluminium alloy, effectively reduces the weight and improving on handling and comfort. The front and rear 50:50 load and low centre of gravity, this is perfect for handling the tightest of curves.


The MG4 Electric offers five different driving modes, including normal, eco, sport, snow, and custom mode. All guaranteed to give you a better driving experience, no matter what the road condition.


Take control of your drive and extend your range at the same time. The One Pedal feature lets you slow down and stop using only the accelerator. It also captures the energy from the vehicle’s motion to recharge your battery.

Safety Fast

Advanced braking system from Continental. Keep your driving safer.


Equipped with the latest Continental Braking System and disc brakes across all wheels, the MG4 perfectly aligns to its sporty looking nature. With strong deceleration in the wet, this means a shorter braking distance, closer to 19m or from 66km/h down to 0km/h.


By using 18-inch Bridgestone low resistance tyres, the MG4 Electric can cover the longer distances, which not only benefits the environment but cuts operating costs too.


Thanks to MG4's high-strength body structure, reliable battery protection technology, and 6 airbags, passengers gain maximum protection from severe injury.


Intelligent technology

No need to pay extra for useful features like Adaptive Cruise Control and Traffic Jam Assist. From now on, take them as standard and enjoy the convenience brought by intelligent technology.

Standard for all models

Adaptive Cruise Control and Traffic Jam Assistance, and other L2 automated driving functions can help you relieve driving stress on busy roads.


A digital cluster and floating touch-screen. It's that advanced high-tech feel when you sit in the car.


The digital cluster, with a 7" full LCD screen, a digital display with all the necessary information.


A 10.25" floating touch-screen, with a reduced reflective rate, makes it easy to read even in bright sunshine.


Stay connected on the move with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Bring all the features of your phone straight to your car’s central touchscreen.

MG iSMART connectivity system

An intelligent network system that integrates car, Internet and user communication. Ready to connect to the future?

Mg4 ismart

Before departure

The MG iSMART app helps you quickly locate your vehicle and check that it’s safe to drive at the touch of a button. Plus, you can use the remote control to pre-set the air conditioning to a comfortable temperature before you’ve even stepped inside the car.

Findyour Vehicle 2021 09 15 132549 fxzc
Find your vehicle

Determine the exact location of your car.

Bluetooth Key
Bluetooth key

Use your smartphone as a key and allow others to activate the Bluetooth key.

Vehicle Status Diagnosis 2022 08 09 130656 zjjx
Vehicle status diagnosis

Easily check the status of your car and make sure it's safe before you set off.

Route Planner 2022 08 09 130727 nqol
Route planner

Plan your trip beforehand, and sync your route in the vehicle.

App Remote Control 2022 08 09 130827 hxha
App remote control

Turn on the aircon to pre-set a comfortable interior temperature.


On the road

Once you’ve planned your route you’ll get real-time traffic updates, route guidance and an accurate arrival time. Not only that, but the app will tell you all the points of interest you won’t want to miss along the way.

Icon connected navigation
Connected navigation*

Not sure if you locked the car? Just lock or unlock it using the app.

*For MG iSMART Lite only offline navigation is available
Icon online points of interest
Online points of interest

Find everything worth seeing on your route.

Icon range visualisation and charging point
Range visualisation and charging point info

No more range anxiety - know your range and get charger information for your route.


On the road

No need to worry about range – see exactly how much further you can travel, as well as real-time charger info on your route. Plus, you can navigate, stream music, make a phone call and control your vehicle on the journey with hands-free voice controls.

Icon amazon prime music
Amazon Prime music

Log in to your Amazon Prime account to listen to the latest tracks from your favourite artists.

Icon dab

Save your preferred station and MG iSMART will remind you not to miss your favourite programme.

Icon hotspot

Passengers run out of data? No worries, use the data hotspot from the vehicle and stay connected.


On the road

Stay connected on the move with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which bring all the features of your phone to your car’s central touchscreen. And don’t forget to save your favourite DAB+ radio station to the app – it’ll remind you when your favourite show is on.

Icon weather forecast
Weather forecast

Check the weather in your current location or wherever it is you're heading.

Apple Android
Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Smartphone connection is easy with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto onboard.

Icon voice control
Voice control

Make the most of hands-free controls for music, navigation, phone, and vehicle control.


After arriving at your destination

Can’t remember if you locked the car? No problem. You can unlock and lock it using the app, as well as checking on the battery level and range, ready for your next trip. You can take a look at all your driving stats too, including how much CO2 you’ve saved by driving fully electric.

Icon lock and unlock the car
Lock and unlock the car

Not sure if you locked the car? Just lock or unlock it using the app.

Icon alarm geo fence

A push message will be sent to the vehicle if any abnormal activity happens.

Icon set scheduled charging
Set scheduled charging*

Want to take advantage of cheaper electricity in the evening? Don't forget to set the scheduled charging.

*For MG iSMART Lite process in car, not in the app
Icon vehicle status statistics check
Vehicle status check

Check the battery level and range ahead of your next trip.


Electric performance

The MG4 Electric with new pure electric MSP (Modular Scalable Platform) architecture, ensuring your safety through the most advanced technology.


The MG4 can make your road trip possible with a WLTP estimated range of up to 520KM*. With an advanced battery management system this ensures a stable yet effective range in cold climates.


DC Fast Charging 3-Phase AC Charging

The MG4 enables 26-min fast charging sessions from a 10% to 80% charge, at a maximum rate of 140kW.

A 3-phase AC charging ability is available, with full charge overnight.


Active Grille Shutter

The AGS controls and adjusts airflow to improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics and thermal performance.

In ordinary driving conditions, the shutters are closed to reduce energy consumption, extend EV range, and improve thermal and acoustic comfort.

Battery performance

The innovated recumbent battery pack layout reduces the height to 110mm, which is lower than standing. This creates more interior space for both the driver and passengers.


One-Pack Battery

The innovative One-Pack battery design only differs in height. The 51 kWh, 64 kWh and 77 kWh reaches industry-leading levels of 110mm, making full use of the battery space, while improving on power utilisation rate.


Battery Pre-heating

This function equips your car to improve efficiency in cold climates. When you need to charge, the battery actively preheats to improve charging efficiency.

Battery Safety

Tested by the most stringent European and International battery standards to ensure safe use of your electric vehicle.

Tested in harsh winter conditions for range, charge time, and driving performance. No mountains were harmed in the process.


Safety comes first. Should any battery cell thermally lose control, it means any open flame will quickly diffuse.


The MG4 has an estimated 1500 to 2000 battery charge cycles, which results in an exceptionally long battery life. Follow us on social or visit the MG Life blog for tips about how to increase the battery cycle life.



Amplify Utility - the design intention of the MG4 Electric. With practicality assured, even for long trips, the MG4 Electric provides you with a spacious interior and multiple features for the journey ahead.


With a pure electric architecture update, and long wheelbase of 2705mm, the MG4 Electric provides surprising spaciousness. Everything you need to pack for trips for everyday tasks, each member of the family has been taken into consideration. With its sleek crossover hatchback design, you're all set to make your move.


Suitable for a family of 5, the MG4 Electric exterior might look compact and refined, but the spacious cabin interior will soon take you by surprise. 60:40 foldable rear seats makes space utilisation even more efficient.


When space is at a premium, make the most of its 28 genius storage solutions, all designed to keep your belongings tidily stowed away.


Nothing is more satisfying than layering storage with, you guessed it, more storage. MG4 Electric provides max. 986 litres of trunk space.


Spring, summer, autumn or winter, we make sure you feel totally at home when you step inside the MG4 Electric.


With a heat pump heating system, the MG4 Electric significantly extends the one-charge driving range of your MG4 when the weather turns cold.


The MG4 Electric's adjustable seats and steering wheel can be heated at your convenience.


The MG4's air purifier, installed to provide you with clean and fresh air throughout the journey.



With a maximum of 2200W power output, the MG4 Electric is ready to charge any external appliance, with all the extra USB outlets you would come to expect of this car.


This function offers a wide angle to easily park your MG4 Electric.


With all the extra USB outlets, it means you can charge your devices on the go.


With a 500 kg approved towing capacity you can place everything you need in one small trailer.


Keyless entry and a pushless start for your safety, security and convenience. Peace of mind comes as standard with the MG4 Electric.


MG4 Electric XPOWER

The new XPOWER features a highly anticipated dual motor powertrain delivering 320 kW and up to 600 Nm of torque, firmly positioning the latest MG4 edition alongside the most potent high-performance hatchbacks on the market.

Better Performance, More Fun

Explore the capabilities of the MSP platform and see how the MG4 Electric XPOWER is built to take your drive to the next level.


With an engine to power the back wheels and another to power the front, the MG4 Electric XPOWER tests the limits with a max power of 320kW and max torque of 600NM. You have to feel it to believe it.


Rule the road with full-time dynamic all-wheel torque control, giving you better handling stability and a more pleasurable driving experience.


Activate XPOWER in Sport mode and you will experience unparalleled acceleration, reach 100km/h in just 3.8 seconds.

Head Turning Design

Made with envy in mind, the MG4 XPOWER looks as good as it performs.


Eco-Alcantara® materials enhance the MG4 interior, it’s an exclusive feel, only for the MG4 XPower model.


Control the road with style with improved road steering and brake performance.


A brand new exclusive color just for MG4 Electric XPOWER.


MG4 Electric

  • EV range up to 350km (WLTP)
  • Up to 88kW DC charging
  • 3-Level Energy Recover
  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • 5-link Rear Independent Suspension
  • DP-Electric Power Steering
  • One pedal
  • MG Pilot with ACC/TJA/LKA/LDW
  • 7" Floating Digital Cluster
  • 10" Floating Touch Screen
  • Auto LED Headlights & Rear Lights
  • Keyless Entry & Easy Start
  • 17" Alloy Wheel with two tone wheelcap

MG4 Electric

  • EV range up to 450km (WLTP)
  • Up to 140kW DC Charging
  • Active Grille Shutter (AGS)
  • V2L
  • Leather Steering Wheel
  • Rear privacy windows

*In addition to Standard Edition


MG4 Electric

  • EV range up to 435km (WLTP)
  • Heat Pump
  • Front Seats with Heating
  • Leather Steering Wheel with Heating
  • 360 camera
  • Real-time Navigation
  • MG Pilot with BSD/RCTA/DOW
  • Wireless Charging
  • Electric Driver Seat with 6-way adjustment
  • Battery Charging with Pre-Heating
  • 18" Alloy Wheel with two tone wheelcap

**In addition to Comfort Edition

Trophy Extended Range

MG4 Electric

  • EV range up to 520km (WLTP)
  • Up to 144kW DC Charging
  • Aerodynamic Dual-Spoiler
  • Flowing Two-tone Roof
  • Max. speed 180km/h

*In addition to Luxury Edition


MG4 Electric

  • EV range up to 385km (WLTP)
  • Up to 140kW DC Charging
  • Track Mode Display
  • Alcantara + PU seats
  • Sporty Pedals
  • Launch Control
  • Max. speed 200km/h
  • 18" Alloy Wheel with Sporty Caliper
  • Exclusive colour Hunter Green

*In addition to Trophy Extended Range Edition


Standard Comfort Luxury Trophy Extended Range XPOWER
Standard Comfort Luxury Trophy Extended Range XPOWER
Standard Comfort Luxury Trophy Extended Range XPOWER
Standard Comfort Luxury Trophy Extended Range XPOWER
Standard Comfort Luxury Trophy Extended Range XPOWER
Standard Comfort Luxury Trophy Extended Range XPOWER
Standard Comfort Luxury Trophy Extended Range XPOWER
Standard Comfort Luxury Trophy Extended Range XPOWER
Dimension and Weight
Length (mm) 4287 4287 4287 4287 4287
Width (mm) 1836 1836 1836 1836 1836
Height (mm) 1504 1504 1516 1516 1516
Wheelbase (mm) 2705 2705 2705 2705 2705
Ground clearance unladen / laden (mm) 150/117 150/117 160/132 160/132 160/132
Rear trunk cargo space (unfold/fold, L) 363/1177 363/1177 350/1165 363/1165 363/1177
Unladen mass (kg) 1635 1651 1675 1751 1803
Technically permissible maximum laden mass (kg) 2083 2113 2123 2209 2261
Technically permissible laden mass on each axle (kg) Front: 935 / Rear: 1198 Front: 935 / Rear: 1198 Front: 940 / Rear: 1198 Front: 1070 / Rear: 1250 Front: 1070 / Rear: 1250
Towing capacity (unbraked, kg) 500 500 500 500 500
Towing capacity (braked, kg) 500 500 500 500 500
Electric Motor and Battery
Max Net Power (kW) 125 150 150 180 320
Max Torque (Nm) 250 250 250 350 600
Gross Battery Size (kWh) 51 64 64 77 64
On-boarder charger max power (6.6 kW) - - - -
On-boarder charger max power (11 kW) -
Max. DC charging power (kW) 88 140 140 144 140
DC charging time (10~80%) ~37 min ~26 min ~26 min ~38 min ~26 min
Max speed (km/h) 160 160 160 180 200
Acceleration (s, 0 ~ 100 km/h) 7.7 secs 7.9 secs 7.9 secs 6.5 secs 3.8 secs
EV range (km, WLTP) 350 450 435 520 385
Energy consumption (Wh/km) 170 160 166 165 187
Auto hold
Rear seat ISOFIX with upper tether & lower anchor
3 rear headrests
Front airbags for driver and co-driver
Side airbags for driver and co-driver
Side curtain airbags
Co-driver side airbag switch
MG Pilot
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)
Intelligent High Beam Control (IHC)
Speed Assistance System (SAS)
Traffic Jam Assistance (TJA)
Unsteady Driving Warning (UDW)
Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
Lane Keep Assistance (LKA)
Emergency Lane Keep (ELK) - -
Lane Change Assistance (LCA) - -
Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) - -
Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) - -
Rear Collision Warning - -
Door Opening Warning (DOW) - -
XDS - - - -
One Pedal
Launch Control - - - -
LED daytime running light
LED headlight
Headlamp integrated front turn indicator - - -
Vertical design front LED turn indicator - -
Corner LED tail light with decoration light - - -
Full width LED tail light with decoration light - -
Rear fog lamp
Automatic light sensor
High-mounted braking light
Park Assist
Rear parking sensor
360 camera with transparent chassis view - -
Safety Belt
Front 3 point + pretensioner and load limiter
Rear 3 seats 3 point + pretensioner
Front and rear safety belt reminder
Front 12V socket
Trunk lamp
Sunvisor - - - -
Sunvisor with mirror -
Auto anti-dazzling interior mirror - -
Heat pump - -
Automatic control aircondition
Power windows
Driver Side window auto up&down with anti-pinch - - -
All window auto up & down - -
All window anti-pitch - -
Steering Wheel
PU - - - -
Microfiber Leather -
Heated steering wheel - -
4 way adj. multifunction steering wheel
7 inch Virtual cluster
4 Speakers - - -
6 Speakers - -
1 microphone - - -
2 microphones - -
3 USB ports (Front: 1x USB A + 1x USB C / Rear: 1x USB A)
Mobile phone wireless charger - -
Track Mode Display - - - -
Mobile APP with Remote control
Apple Carplay/Android Auto
iSMART 10.25 inch - -
iSMART Lite 10.25 inch - - -
Voice control - -
Real Time Traffic Information - -
Navigation - -
Wifi Hotspot - -
Access & Start
Remote lock
Keyless entry
Automatic Start (Vehicle starts by pushing the brake pedal)
Driver seat 6 ways adjustable
Driver side electrical adjustable - -
Co-driver seat 4 ways adjustable
Map pocket behind the front seats - -
Fabric seats - - -
PU + fabric seats - -
Alcantara+PU Seats - - - -
Heated front seats - -
40/60 foldable rear seats
Sporty Pedals - - - -
Low mounted spoiler - - -
High mounted twin spoiler - -
Boneless front wiper
Rear wiper
Tinted windows
Privacy rear windows -
Active Grille Shutter -
Outside Mirrors
Manual Fold + Heating - - -
Auto Fold + Heating - -
215/50 R17 95V - - -
Alloy rim 17" with two tone wheelcap - - -
235/45 R18 - -
Alloy rim 18" with two tone wheelcap - - -
Alloy rim 18" - - - -
Tyre repair set
Sporty Caliper - - - -
Diamond Red Mg4 specs red - -
Medal Silver Mg4 specs silver - -
Dover White Mg4 specs white - -
Brighton Blue Mg4 specs blue - -
Fizzy Orange Mg4 specs orange - -
Andes Grey Mg4 specs grey - -
Pebble Black + Black Mg4 specs grey
Dover White + Black Mg4 specs dover white black roof - - -
Brighton Blue + Black Mg4 specs brighton blue black roof - - -
Fizzy Organe + Black Mg4 specs fizzy orange black roof - - -
Diamond Red + Black Mg4 specs diamond red black roof - - -
Medal Silver + Black Mg4 specs medal silver black roof - - -
Andes Grey + Black Mg4 specs andes gray black roof - - -
Hunter Green + Black Mg4 specs hunter green black roof - - - -
Alcantara Black Interior - - - -
Dual Color (Grey/White) - - -

The images shown here are for illustrative purposes only, and may differ from the standard specifications per type. No rights can be derived from the photos. MG reserves the right to change models, colours, specifications and equipment without prior notice and without obligation to change the cars already in the market.